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Please give generously. Your support could help find a cure for Spinal Cord Injury.

We did it! We finished the marathon and all it cost us was a few black toes, blisters and yes, we are still limping! There was a foot of snow and a white out the whole way so we are so chuffed to have completed it.


We are using this chance to help out our mates who are going through a tough time. We’ve seen first-hand the effects of spinal cord injuries and want to raise some much needed funds to help all the people affected recover as best they can.


Over 15,000 Australians currently live with a spinal cord injury and it often strikes people in their late teens and early twenties. Up until very recently there has been little hope for recovery, but there are a number of amazing developments on the horizon. With your help, we’re hopeful of big news in this space in 2019.


So while we have run a marathon in minus 20 degree weather, all you have to do is donate some money. So chuck in a few dollars - there is still time to donate!

All donations of $2 and above are tax deductible

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Supporters Amount Message
Anonymous $109.00
Ruth Arkins $109.00 Well done and thanks for fab night in Hobart.
Anonymous $21.80
Anonymous $21.80
Stefanie Rezzara $54.50 Onya Tommy and crew.
Bryan Wishart $21.80
Casey Benney $54.50 Amazing effort T Little!! Love your work mate
Annette Brooks $21.80
Ross McNeilage $21.80
Kenzie Gentle $54.50
Hida Secic $21.80 Excellent effort for a great cause
Ashley Davis-Marin $10.90 Congratulations Tommy! A regular marathon is a hard enough slog. Look after those knees!
Hayley Meads $10.90 Well done Tommy! Super proud of you for completing the marathon.
Wendy Altham Darke $54.50 Well done!
Sam Zen $27.25
Trish Lopez $27.25
Laura Oliver $109.00
Avril Niblett $10.90 Good on you tommy
Deanna Hall $109.00
Ingrid Binder $109.00
Christine Pendlebury $54.50 Well done Tommy
Anonymous $54.50
Melissa Blackmore $54.50 Congrats Tommy, top effort! Looking forward to hearing all about it at your stand-up show in Brissy!!!
Jennifer Heiss $21.80
Nic Freeman $21.80 Good on you Tommy, your spirit and soul is astounding. We watch the project for he humorous way it tells the news, normal news is depressing. You and all those doing the same mammoth effort are champions. Well done for persevering.
Jo Winter $54.50 Well done Tommy!
Anonymous $21.80
Julie Pratt $50.00 Love your work Tommy!
Benjamin Macklan $43.60 Let’s cure this :)
Phillip Bradley $100.00
SG & JA WILLIAMS $109.00 Well done Tommy, a mammoth effort
Steven Clarke $54.50 Great work Tommy!
Glenn Downie $54.50 Watched Tommy on the project 8.1.19. Amazing stuff. Knew he was doing it- great job. Hope you raise a lot more- you deserve it!!!
NICOLE Robertson $50.00
Anthony Plunkett $54.50 Wow Tommy .... well done to you and your mates... just watched on The Project. Don't think I would have done one lap
Glenda Tunstall $109.00 Well done Tommy
Anonymous $54.50
Melanie Hanson $10.90
Anonymous $21.80
Anonymous $54.50
Anita Bellifemini $21.80
Iona Radcliffe $49.05
Kate Howell $81.75 As promised! Was great to meet both Tommy and Campbell briefly in Chile, absolute top effort guys! Cheers for the pesos!
Lenore McCullough $21.80 Better late than never! So impressive.
Reece Hooker $43.60
Leanne Ellis $109.00
Adam perry $250.00 So glad you made it Tommy! I was a little worried. Sorry for the late donation. Have a great Christmas! Pez.
Anonymous $21.80
Kristie Turner $109.00 Ya bloody legend!!
Karla Logie $32.70
Rebecca Wooster $10.90
Madeline Gall $1,200.00 Well done Tommy. The residents at Lifeview were cheering you on. I recently gave a presentation and for every F bomb I dropped, I had to personally donate $50!! All for a great cause. Cheers Madeline
Elise Biesbroek $54.50
Anonymous $109.00
Tahlyshia Phillipson-Blease $54.50 Congratulations on coming 12th in the marathon!!!!! You must be proud of yourself for finishing the marathon and for raising money for a good cause. Well done Tommy you are an absolute legend xx ????
Daniel Monaghan $109.00 Good one mate. You done good
Anonymous $10.90 Legend!!
Huw Griffiths $21.80
Karolina Banda $54.50 Great work and congrats to you all! Very inspirational!!
Jackie Bowers $21.80
Lana Matafonov $54.50 Huge congrats to you and the team, amigo! Well worth the toe sacrifice x
Kimberley Mannaa $54.50 Wow. You've only gone and bloody done it! Great work, mate x
Kelly Hoffmann $21.80
Jane Alexander $100.00 Well done Tommy and team. A truly amazing and inspirational effort.
Tessa Molan $54.50
Anonymous $10.90
Jamie Bolton $32.70 Congrats tommy. Can you please give me your number for my daughter. She is gorgeous and loves your sense of humour. Well done.
Jeanette Mundy $21.80 Very proud of you Tommy. Well done!
Gabrielle Cucia $54.50
Mary Cavallaro $21.80
Gideon James $100.00 Amazing stuff
Kelly Little $109.00 You Little Ripper! X The Littles X
Anonymous $54.50
Siobhan McLaughlin $109.00 Well done. You should be very proud of yourselves ??
Sarah Johnson $16.35 Woooo
Anonymous $10.90
Jessica Loizou $32.70
Tahnee Jones $54.50 So proud of you Tommy!! ??
Corrine Bott $54.50 Awesome effort guys!!!
Louise McGuire $21.80 Well done Tommy...beyond amazing!!!
Mr Minty $25.00 Fantastic job! You are a warrior - thanks for going through this experience to raise funds for an amazing cause ??
Christine Gately $27.25 Well done!!
Nicole Gentles $10.90
Leah McGarry $109.00
Kim Spence $21.80 ??????
Matilda Gittins $21.80 Stay cute
Lucy Inch $10.90
Leah Fulton $54.50
Anonymous $32.70
Matt Okine $109.00 Get 'em, mate!!
Anonymous $20.00
Anonymous $54.50
Anonymous $109.00
Kylie Williams $21.80 Can’t wait to see how it went great effort boys
Brook Hornung $54.50 Better late than never! Heard you smashed it though. Well done Bro. Cheers, Brook
Cheryl Rout $54.50 Your crazy but an inspiration to me. Good luck
Anonymous $5.45
Karyn Jones $109.00 Great job for a great cause
Anonymous $54.50
Sandy Graham $54.50 Amazing Tommy.
Tom Hedley $54.50
Alexandra Scott $21.80
Matt Higgins $109.00 Good luck Browny and the rest of the crew.
Sarah Cameron $100.00 Good Luck You Mental Legends..!!
Emma Doyle $21.80
Louise Corrigan $21.80
Alisa Volner $54.50 Good luck Tommy Little with this special quest, you are doing something fantastic.
Candice Ryan $21.80
Joanne Field $10.90 Good luck and wish you all the very best.
Mary Spyropoulos $109.00 Good luck Tommy and team Vaya con Dios and how you don’t freeze your ‘cojones’ off
Michelle Weir $21.80
Vanessa Rintoul $10.90
Anonymous $109.00
Kate Roberts $21.80 Goodluck!!
Hannah Dowling $10.90
Hornsby Chiropractic Centre $54.50
Richelle Turner $109.00 After months of training you're at the start line with only 42.2km to go! Enjoy
Rebecca Crawford $27.25
Laura Humphris $21.80 I don't even know you but I'm so worried about you!! You are SO brave and an absolute inspiration. Best of luck. Xx
Terri Langford $10.90
Geraldine Martin $21.80
Julian Hill $54.50
Anonymous $50.00 Good luck guys ! Such a worthy cause
Suzanne Duncan $10.90 Amazing job Tommy!!!
Rachel Smith $21.80
Nila Jayasekera $54.50 Wow, stay warm and run like the wind!
Jump Start $54.50 What a special human you are!
Tammie Siegert $50.00 Amazing effort!!
Aneta Menks $21.80 Definetly need more ‘stubborn idiots’ in the world mate - good luck!!
Sarah Baker $10.90
Sue Lee Lim $10.90
Rachel Stephens $272.50
Cheryl Byatt $54.50 Good luck Tommy, you’ll smash it - like everything else you do.! I admire your courage & generous soul.
Kate Doherty $27.25
Dimitri Kalkanis $38.15 Good luck Tommy.
Anonymous $54.50
Nicole Augello $21.80
Stephanie Bell $5.45
Jan Binns $54.50
Chloe Harper $10.00
Dave and Sheryl Steele $218.00
Bronwyn Ward $21.80 Good luck team. Go get it done. I will cheering you on from warm, sunny Sydney. Thank you for being so brave. Love Bronwyn.
Sebastian Mueller $21.80
Jackie Robertson $20.00
Roman, Rafael & Ruben Mondello $54.50
Grace Jury $54.50
Anonymous $21.80
Hamish Blake $1,090.00 From Hamish Zoe Sonny Rudy (the last two totally just freeloading and putting their name on this)
Kate Arnott $54.50 Go you good things!
Casey Cesarin $54.50 Go you good thing!
Sally Lansley $54.50 Go Tommy!! What an awesome thing you are doing. You can do it!
Brendan Fevola $545.00
Eva Derksen $10.90 Awesome initiative, very brave! Good luck!
Anonymous $100.00 Good luck!
Anonymous $50.00 For Mum - Tommy you and everyone contributing to this great cause are amazing humans good luck enjoy and look forward to hearing all about this memorable moment in your life xoxox
Meg O'Brien $109.00
Steve Philp $54.50 Good luck bro.
Anonymous $54.50
Bri Minto $54.50 On’ya Tommy!!! This is incredible, you crazy mofo!! :)
Alana O’Brien $54.50
Christopher Eldred $21.80
Zach Mackay $21.80 You’re doing an amazing thing! Good luck!
Sarah Jayamaha $54.50 Good luck! I think what you’re doing is great. I often see you out running, you’re taking it to the next level. Great work!
Lynda Maxey $27.25
Rhiannon Skahill $54.50 You got this Tommy!
Anonymous $1,500.00 Thank you for caring and good luck!!
Anonymous $27.25
Monica Saad $54.50 You can do it - such a worthy cause
Janine Hucker $109.00 Inspirational, good luck team and stay safe.
Kirsty Savage $50.00
Anonymous $54.50
Anonymous $10.90 Can't wait to see you participate. You are going to do great and I'm sure it will be the most rewarding experience of your life!
Erryn Tharme $54.50 You can do this ! We all believe in you.
Aphrodite Patounas $32.70
Nicola McDonald $54.50 Fantastic work Tommy. Good luck
Joanne Taylor $109.00
Tanya Simpson $54.50 Tommy, you've always been a legend, a freak and a great guy all rolled into one. What an amazing adventure. Good luck, enjoy it (once it's over) and be so proud of what you're doing - not just a frozen marathon but fundraising and awareness for a great cause. You're a star (not just a TV / comedy one). Tan
Miles Austin $21.80 Good luck mate!
Helen Martindale $54.50
Krystie-Lee Quinn $6.00 Tremendous challenge but will be all worth it!
Lori Wray $21.80 Good luck guys well done u are awesome..
Anonymous $16.35 Good luck tommy!
Fred Sentance $54.50
Pauline Halfweeg $54.50 Good luck
Zoe Sentance $54.50 Massively proud of you for doing this tommy! Definitely keep up the running after this, bit maybe not at this insane level!
Milton Co. $152.60 All the best for the run!
Alexandra Baker $21.80 Good on you Tommy!
Nigel Thiele $54.50 Good luck you legends!
Anonymous $54.50 Good luck
Rebekah Engel $21.80
Tiffany Stevens $21.80 Best of luck Tommy!!
Caitlin Marton $21.80 Good luck guys!
Anonymous $10.90
Anonymous $11.88 When you hit the wall look out for the whitewalkers!! Best of luck and we'll be watching
Emma Doolan $21.80
Emma Clegg $20.00
Tania Gogos-Wilson $109.00 Our love and support is behind you all the way Tommy. Wilson-Valance Family xx
Sarah Harmer $109.00 Hi Tommy you are gorgeous and funny and sweet and i want to marry you. Sadly, i am 48, married to a husband that i love very much and have two young boys and i live in Canberra it just wouldn't work out. good on you though for doing this marathon - i am a fan of the project and i saw the story on this show My aforementioned husband did a marathon in Sydney in 2004 - it was physically and emotionally brutal for all of us. he did it in 4.20. I was incredibly proud of him now it is your turn, and you will do it good on you i will be watching you Great cause. we are all behind you when it gets tough, just remember we want you to succeed, you will do this best sarah xxx
Cedric Netto $109.00 Good Luck Tommy I recently sustained an SCI and still in hospital. I will monitor your efforts. Cheers Ced
Helen Zimbler $54.50 Tommy what a champ ypu are. I started in television at TCN 9 soooooooooooo many years ago. Love the Project.
Roisin Boyle $54.50
Carolyn Lehmann $109.00
Denise Luis $32.70 Good luck Tommy, god know you’ll need it ??
Anonymous $54.50
Kayla Hinchliffe $50.00
Perth Meg $21.80 Your white December trumps my red October.
Dara Cassidy $54.50 Good luck Tommy, I've heard lots about your upcoming challenge, I mean adventure :-) Great cause! x
Emma Hadley $21.80
Anonymous $27.25
Jodie O’Donohue $54.50 Good luck Tommy.
Kim Butler $50.00 You'll smash it mate! May your body hold up as it needs too.
Marylou Geddes $54.50 Best of luck to the former AFL player, the film maker, the old man and the best professional dickhead around. What a great cause!!
Farrah Mu $21.80 Good Luck Tommy. Don't freeze your balls off otherwise you can't have any children.
Mel Dee $54.50
Erica Stocker $54.50 Good luck! Both an exciting and crazy thing to do - love it!!
Prudence Foster $32.70
Daniel Catalano $122.99 Great work
Tommy Little’s Adventures $54.50 Tommy, you’ve been on adventures big and far, but this has to be your biggest yet. We’re all behind you and proud as punch. Keep on keeping on and see you on the other side!
Tony Miller $54.50 Good Luck Tommy - don't let anything stop you finishing this inspirational effort.
Emily Dumbrell $54.50
Crystal Schrum $109.00 Absolutely amazing Tommy!!! Good luck to you all, enjoy the adventure of a lifetime! Xx
Adam Jarred $21.80
Belinda Reid $50.00
Anonymous $54.50 Good luck!
Ann Crawley $54.50 Go Tommy, I hope you survive, and finish the marathon. You're a legend ????
Molly Henry $54.50 Good luck! As someone with a spine injury this means a lot.
Janina Quinn $50.00 You're doing really good for SCIA and Homie. You're a legend!
Emily Moloney $21.80 GO TOMMY!
Madi Vos $32.70 Good luck!
Georgia Di Martino $21.80 Good luck! This is incredible x
Anonymous $21.80
Deb Stapleton $54.50
Cindy-Lee Simonetis $10.90 Sending extremely warm wishes your way to keep you all warm and safe. xx
Anne Louise Kiteley $21.80
Julie Vautier $21.80 You are an excellent egg Tommy, take care x
Byron Cooke $109.00 Great having you on-air this morning mate... smash it!
Nicole Slater $21.80 Good luck boys!
Hollea Dopper $21.80 Good luck you crazy thing.
Margaret Loomes $21.80 Good Luck Tommy and Team!
Natasha Howells $32.70
Cista Emerald Love $54.50 ???????
Madison Bromham $50.00
Jacinda Fisher $109.00 Bloody gutsy stuff Tommy! Wish you and your team great success and a safe journey.
Sarah Williams $21.80 Run like the wind!
Kate Danby $27.25 Inspiring stuff Tommy.
Sandra Gioiello $54.50 Go Tommy!!! You are awesome.. wishing you all the very best I thank you for doing this for the awareness of the hardships from spinal cord injuries My sister Michelle Jefferys had an accident 4 years ago and suffered a spinal injury It’s such a physical and mental roller coaster for her Thank you again and take care ????
James Smallwood $109.00 Good luck you crazy mofo
Anonymous $10.90 Here’s $10 and when I’ve heard you’ve finished it there’s another $100 promised. Hope that helps with motivation to be safe and finish. Good luck
Tess Lamont $21.80 Great cause to get behind!!
Anonymous $21.80 Good Luck Tommy. If you can't beat the mental chatter resort to counting 1 2 3 4 - 1 2 3 4. It helps when the mind wants to quit :)
Georgia Hindmarsh $32.70 An amazing thing you are all doing! x best wishes
Vanessa Pac Soo $54.50 Good luck Tommy, you're an absolute legend!
Anonymous $10.00
Bianca Prajbisz $10.90
Anonymous $21.80 Good Luck!
Ariane McGing $10.90 Go on Tommy! I’m hoping there’s been a lot of secret training bts! ??
Anonymous $10.90
Sally Yates $50.00 So brave Tommy! Wishing you all the strength in the world! xx
Antique Salon $21.80
Sarah Coshan $21.80
Sadie Peck $54.50 Good luck Tommy and gang!
Ben Cox $21.80 This is awesome guys. Run hot, be cool.
Nikola Kennedy $54.50 Amazing effort. Well done
Anonymous $49.05
Joanne Harg $109.00
Amber Johnson $32.70
Anonymous $10.90
Shannonq Buchan $21.80
Grant Murray $54.50
Anna Byrne $54.50
Samantha Honour $50.00 Good luck Tommy!!
Jennifer Little $10.90
Nicki Raffle $21.80
Nicole Walters $27.25 Such an amazing cause! Looking forward to seeing/ hearing about the results
Susan and Margaret Piddock $27.25 You are a brave man and we will be thinking of you
Anita McDonnell $54.50 Good luck!
Linda Doecke $54.50
Leah Velkov $32.70 Great job boys!!!!
Kevin Teahan $21.80 Go you legend! Hey, and wear an extra pair of socks to keep your feet warm, don’t want u catching a cold!
Emily & Alex Cavanagh $54.50 Go Tommy! You’ll smash this. Em & Alex
Anonymous $29.98 Good luck
Matt Azadi $1,090.00 Tommy, wishing you all the best and safe travels mate. Couldn't resist not taking you up on your matching donation
Colm Fegan $27.25
Carlos Abad $21.80 Awesome mate. Good luck
Meg Sandles $54.50 Hey Tommy, u should totally do I'm a Celebrity... next to raise more coin, plus u would be awesome viewing... that sounds seedier than i meant, ugh! Good luck champ!
Karen Young $54.50 Tommy, I’m in awe of you for taking on this mammoth challenge! Wishing you a safe, successful and chafe-free experience :)
Vivien Whitfield $21.80 Good luck, love your enthusiasm.
Annie Sassin $109.00 Good luck dude! You rock!
Rosie Sacco $21.80 Great effort for a great cause!
Carolyn & Pete Hartfield $54.50 Just keep putting one foot in front of the other....Run Tommy Run
Sue Mateffy $109.00 Thank you ??
Kevin Blades $50.00
Dave Steele $218.00
Anonymous $109.00
Peta Shane Dec & Darc Welsh-Campion $109.00 Run fatboy run!! You are an absolute legend. We know you can do it xx
Ben Robertson $109.00 Good on you Tommy for attempting this and donating to such a good cause. Good luck and try not to freeze your nuts off!
Anonymous $21.80
Joseph Upritchard $10.00
Amanda Waldon $21.80 What a fucking legend! Woo! Go Tommy!
Karon Cox $21.80 Its my 60th birthday on Dec 13th i will be cheering you on Tommy might be a bit pissed bit still cheering ?? - good luck!
Anonymous $21.80
Kim Hudson $54.50
Tommy Little $10,900.00 I absolutely love all of you but for my wallets sake I wish that maybe you weren’t so generous. Thanks legends xxx
Pramudie Gunaratne $21.80 All the best Tommy! Sending all the good vibes your way!
Ella Gifkins $32.70
John Hogan $27.25
Stacey Moncrieff $50.00
Anonymous $21.80 Good on you and good luck!
Virginia Stevens $54.50 Best wishes Tommy, you are wonderful
Kylie Russell $54.50
Sammy G $27.25
Anonymous $27.25 Good luck!
Josie L $100.00 All the best Weapon Tommo! You'll absolutely smash it for sure. Just don't lick anything...don't want you to get stuck to anything for eternity xx
Halina Kokoulis $21.80 When I say Tommy, you say bloody great guy..
Tracey Howell $109.00 Good luck Tommy and team!! What an amazing cause!
Liz Hurley $54.50 Well done Tommy, you do such amazing work for those less fortunate in our’re a good egg! Take care and come back alive, with all your fingers and toes.
Cherie Thamm $10.90 Dad was a para so good on you for helping. Best wishes to you.
Kerry Lewis $21.80 Good luck Tommy - you gorgeous, crazy bugger!
Anonymous $54.50
Chad Denham $54.50 Go Tommy
Alexander Crowden $54.50 What an amazing effort! Just think ‘Hot Pies’ and you’ll stay toasty warm. All the best dude.
Rebecca Murray $54.50
Craig Halsall $21.80 For Tommy Little
Danni woolhouse $54.50 Good luck Tommy
Diane Schulze $54.50 Good luck!
Anonymous $109.00 Be safe & all the best!
Em Tantau $272.50 You can match the donation or we could grab a drink? Or both!
Anonymous $43.60
Anonymous $21.80
Sandra Hopkins $109.00 Good luck Tommy and rest of the team !! great cause
Mel George $21.80 Tommy ... you’re a bloody inspiration. All the very best. Stay safe.
Anonymous $54.50
Claire Riseborough $27.25
Pippa Bradbrook $32.70
Amy Dyer $21.80 I have lived with a SCI for 3 years now. I’m so grateful for this initiative to raise money and awareness for people like me who are looking for ways to heal and live without the negative impacts of paraplegia. Maybe one day research will free me to run with my daughter and live without nerve pain. Good luck and thank you xo
Anonymous $32.70
Andrea Shelton $10.90 Love you Tommy. Excited for this challenge
Anonymous $54.50
Molly Tierney $20.00
Shelley Sales $10.90 Good Luck Tommy
Glenda Talbot $54.50 Tommy, you are adorable. Good luck and take care.
Liz Mortimer $16.35 Way to go Tommy!
Mark, Kim and Eliza Pritchard $21.80 Good luck, i think you will need it.
Time Technology Pty Ltd $54.50 Good luck Tommy! You will need it Ha Ha - From all the team at Time Technology...
Colleen Martin $21.80 Good luck, Tommy! You’re doing a good thing xx
Peter Fry $54.50 Good luck Tommy!
Megan Cook $16.35 What an admirable gesture to put your body through such grueling conditions as a reminder of those suffering everyday! Great cause and hope one day to find any means of a cure!!
Anonymous $16.35
Mishka Ker $54.50 Best of luck.!
Paige Lukeman $21.80 You’re a dickhead, but a dickhead with a big heart!
lin xxx $10.90 good luck to everyone competing
Anonymous $5.45
Joanne Penny $21.80 Good on ya Tommy! ???? Best of luck everyone xx
sharon nicholls $27.25
D&G Hall $21.80 Good lucky Tommy !
Lucy Sharkey $54.50
Heidi Edwards $32.70 I have had my spinal cord injury for 8 1/2 years now, desperate for a cure, good luck Tommy!
Michelle Reeve $32.70 You Tommy are a beautiful soul. All they very best and look forward to the updates. Enjoy the run, you got this.
Jacqueline Oxley $109.00 Have fun!
Paul and Susie Sealey $27.25
Barb Blacklow $50.00
Peter Helliar $250.00 I don’t mind if you freeze your dick off in fact that would be very funny but please just come home alive my friend.
Megan Freckleton $16.35
Alana, Seb and Adrian Bohm $218.00
Mind & Body Personal Training Gym $218.00 Tommy we wish you all the very best and luck in the world for your marathon in the Antarctic lol Mamma Mia you have loads of courage. We have no doubt in the world that you will finish and succeed in every way as your sheer determination will be enough. We truly wish you all the best Tommy and look forward to seeing you back at the Mind & Body Gym for some injury rehab afterwards..;-) All the best from the Mind & Body Team - Fitzroy!
Stephen Blaker $109.00 very gutsy Tommy....well done
Lauren Harcourt $32.70
Anonymous $10,000.00 All the best, Tommy! The Channel 10 Medivac chopper is on standby
Jaclyn Burgess $40.00 Go Tommy go - never give up!!! :)
Anonymous $10.90
Tara & Tara Dorsett $109.00 Way to go Tommy! Good luck mate
Anonymous $54.50
Karlee Gooding $50.00 Good Luck Tommy
Caitlin McArthur $54.50 Good luck buddy xx Caitlin
Louise Oxborrow $27.25 Since I only did my first half marathon this year and in Noosa of all places definitely wishing you good luck! As a nurse remembering we are fortunate to even run a race got me through. Make the most of it and very inspirational!! x watch that frost bite :)
Melissa Winfield $54.50 Good luck you'll need it
Hayley Walker $10.90 Incredible work you bunch of legends! All the best x
Adrienne McPherson $272.50 Being a quad myself, and desperately hoping for a cure, my thoughts and best wishes are with you, you crazy people you ??????
Anonymous $10.90 Go Tommy!
Huntet Smith $54.50 Hunter and Reed xx
Anonymous $54.50 Good luck - and thanks, as someone with an SCI any money raised for research is money towards improving quality of life on the marathon road to a cure.
Cassie Nunn $54.50 Tommy you are an absolute legend x ???????
kim barker $109.00
Bec Reilly $16.35
Anonymous $109.00 Great work Tommy
Michelle Jeffery $100.00 Tommy not only are you hilarious your also compassionate strong and truly amazing for taking on this challenge. I too have a SCI. I wish you all the best, stay safe warm injury free and enjoy. You will nail this I’ll be cheering you on all the way
Kylie Starling $54.50 well done
Pauline Deas $54.50 Fantastic effort, fantastic cause.
Kate Bellville $21.80 You’re a good egg ??
Anonymous $54.50 Go you weapon!!
Tyler Lowe $54.50 I happened to catch the show last night. I was inspired by Tommy, the reasons why he is doing the marathon and him matching $10,000. I’m donating because I just heard an old man telling a lady that his grandson is a Dr. On his way to work he was hit by a texting driver and is now a paraplegic, with a wife and two kids 31 years old. Ps Don’t die Tommy ??
Georgina Ogilvie $54.50
Carolyn De Gois $1,000.00 My beautiful husband is now a severe quadriplegic after a car hit him while riding his bicycle - I would do anything to see him back to his vital wonderful self again - all my best wishes for a safe and successful marathon and with all my hopes that one day SCI is a treatable injury
Nat Bell $54.50
Shara Harmer $21.80 Smash it out, you stubborn idiot ??
Allison Nealon $21.80 4 x bloody legends
Anonymous $27.25
Melanie Coe $54.50 Go you good thing!!!
Anonymous $54.50
Anonymous $54.50 Best of luck!!
Edina Zivalj $54.50 Wishing you all the very best. With a sister who is a quad, this means a lot, not just to me but a whole lot of people....Well done! and hope you keep all your fingers and toes!
Panna, Krissy & Henry $218.00 WE LOVE YOU WEAPON! Go get it done!
Caitlin McCann $21.80
Nat Malizija $21.80 Best of luck Tommy & team. You are such a beautiful soul.
Andrew Alchin $54.50 Good onya Tommy what a challenge to take on. All the best.
Sam Mackenna $109.00 All the best
Allison Burgesd $21.80
Anonymous $54.50 Good luck Tommy
Lisa Bradford $109.00 Thank you for supporting a cure
Chantelle Jeffers $54.50 Good work Tommy! Your an inspiration and such a good guy! #tommylittleforbachelor2019
Jadranka Shroff $54.50
Sally Bickerton $21.80 Go Tommy
Alice Douglas $21.80 Good luck Tommy and Co.
Karen Allsopp $10.90 Go Tommy, you are an inspiration to my three sons!
Anonymous $21.80
Amanda Duggan $10.90 Go Tommy! You can do it! xo
Megan Morgan $21.80
Stephanie Colvin $21.80 Awesome effort!!
Melissa Henshaw $30.00 Great effort! Smash that marathon!
Allison Jones $54.50 You've already done so much for this cause, you re incredible! Gooooo Tommy!!
Michaela Young $27.25 Crazy conditions for a marathon, but a wonderful cause. You will smash it though I’m sure! Amazing you are matching the donations too!
Natalie Marshall $10.90
Monique Fede $10.90 Legend!
Tabatha Paull $21.80 Good luck Tommy!
Anne Borrillo $109.00 Good luck ??
Sue Malycha $109.00 All the best Tommy. A great commitment for a great cause - spinal cord injuries can happen so quickly and the effects can be both devastating and exhausting. I'm sure you will be hurting for much of your time traversing the ice but the sense of achievement and shared experience will be massive! Take care that you all bring home your fingers, toes, ears and nose and anything else that may succumb to frostbite.
Jean Hart $54.50 You are an inspiration. Good luck Tommy.
Elena Barton $54.50 Good on you Tommy! Jogging in -4 last week in New York was cold enough for me. Lol please run fast as you’re too pretty for frostbite
Monty Franklin $100.00 I actually stole this money from your wallet a year ago and felt bad so I’m just returning it really
Jennie Ritzrow $54.50 In honour of my Uncle David a quadriplegic after being knocked off his motorbike by a drunk driver. Good luck Tommy!
Tracy Goodwin $21.80
Sascha Harris $54.50 Good luck!
Kristy Banks $54.50
Melinda Chambers $10.90
Fiona Grimm $10.90
Anonymous $54.50 Amazing effort. Come home safe! We need you to continue to bug Hamish and Carrie ??
Anonymous $27.25
Hayley Chilcott $21.80 Wishing you all the best Tommy, I have faith that you will succeed at this challenge that lies before you. God Bless you.
Tim Tomblin $45.78 Good luck!
Mina Capoccia $21.80 Good luck!
Juanita DelleBaite $54.50 My son became a paraplegic at the age of 17 after an accident. This cause is close to our heart. We cannot thank you enough for your actions and raising awareness. So grateful.
Anonymous $100.00
Treacy Block $54.50 Emie told me you were doing this. Wow! Top effort and a cause so close to our heart. Goid luck Tommy and thanks ??????
Annie Nolan $21.80 Say hi to the penguins for me!
Ashlee Corey $54.50
Aldo Matrone $100.00 Good luck??
Josie Mule $109.00 All the best Tommy and good to see someone raising money for spinal
Anonymous $250.00 Go Tommy go! Go Tommy go! Gooooooooo Tommy!
Anonymous $32.70 Geddit T-Little
Dana Crowe $21.80 Good on you guys!!! Hope there is no blizzards. Good luck ?? ?? ????
Trina Jones $54.50 Great cause, go Tommy!
Anonymous $109.00 Good luck!! Stay warm!! Blessings! Thanks Tommy for promoting this.
Karen Boubeta $54.50 Tommy Little you are such an INSPIRATION Stay strong, focused and safe The Boubeta family Xx
Anonymous $50.00
Anonymous $54.50
Kathy Parkes $21.80 Good Luck Tommy ......... Run Tommy Run!!!!
Anonymous $21.80
Anonymous $54.50 Go Tommy Little! Legend. Funny guy. Sexy guy!
Belinda McLeod $27.25 Good Luck and such a great cause
Sarah Pinto $50.00
Nell Horsefield $5.45 I have little money to give (pun slightly intended), so I’m donating my son’s pocket money... good luck
Tim Elstoft $109.00 Good luck Tommy.
Natarsha Matthias $21.80 Go hard Tommy, you've got this!
Madeline Andrews $21.80
Anonymous $50.00
Melinda Andonoudis $21.80 Smash it Tommy.
Anonymous $10.90 Good Luck. Please don't die.
Suellen Roberts $109.00 Good luck Tommy and thank you for your awesome message to my daughter Caitlyn on her Hens - she loved it! x
Pauline Kluske $32.70 Congratulations on being a top bloke and doing this for spinal cord injuries. Oh, and Tommy, don't be a hero please come back.
Emma Curnow $21.80 Let’s get a cure (don’t freeze)!
Marian V $218.00 Stellar charity. Well done for raising funds and awareness on this issue
Natalie Rich $21.80 Good on you Tommy, come back safely xx
Liz McCulloch $21.80
Anonymous $100.00 Good Luck, Stay Safe, Stay Warm, Keep Laughing !!
Steph Lancaster $109.00
Lisa Bonnici $109.00 You’ve freaking got, this!
Julie Schubert $21.80 Run Tommy run!
Shakira Petrucci $54.50 Go tommy go!!
Anonymous $21.80
Anonymous $54.50 Good luck guys!
Anonymous $20.00 Go for gold Thommy!
Eleni Stavrou $21.80 You’re insane... but amazing!
Cassandra Mullin $5.45 Good luck running the marathon in the freezing cold.
Steph Krokos $54.50 Go you good thing ??
Kristin Solheim $27.25
Sally de Koning $109.00 Just today your cause became real to me, Tommy, as a 15 year old boy, who I taught when he was in Year 1 may not walk again after a serious motorcycle injury. So I wish you all the best with your massive endeavour. When things get tough, just think of all those people who will benefit from your support.
Cushla Travers $150.00 This is to cover the cost of dinner with the polar bear. Congrats. X
Rosalyn Sloan $50.00 A wonderful cause
Debbie Krymholc $54.50 Good luck Tommy & Co!! Such a great cause and truely inspirational:)
Fiona Lynch $50.00 Good luck!
Briana Humphreys $21.80
Karen Sparrow $21.80 You're a legend
Nicola Kent $21.80 Try not to die Tommy!
Anonymous $54.50
Damien Burns $54.50 Good luck Tommy.... get naked on the ice! Damien & Damien.
Chris Sarabi $54.50
Evelyn Acuna $54.50 Good luck! You are a legend for taking on this challenge! :)
Nicola Carpenter $27.25 Tommy! Go you good thing x
Suzy Wray $54.50